EPS Recycling Still Rising

The 2013 EPS Recycling Rate Report shows continuous growth in the amount of EPS recycling. Despite ongoing misperceptions about its recyclability, EPS recycling is a well established industry and consistently maintains one of the highest recycling rates among all plastics. Learn more about EPS recycling.



EPS Newsline

The newest issue of EPS-IA’s quarterly newsletter, EPS Newsline, is now available to read online. Click here to read the latest about innovation, sustainability, legislation, and other news relevant to the EPS industry.

Cut & Dry – The Facts on Rigid Foam Insulation & Water Absorption

If your goal is to have a dry building, find out why EPS is king.

The EPS-IA recently completed extensive testing on the moisture absorption qualities of extruded polystyrene insulation versus expanded polystyrene. Read all about the details of the test results in the two new technical bulletins from our Below Grade series.

EPS Releases Geofoam Resource Binder

EPS-IA created “Geofoam Applications & Technical Data,” a comprehensive resource binder that touts the properties, specs, design considerations and applications of this material. This binder will be available to civil engineers as a way to inspire and encourage the use of geofoam. The new Geofoam Kit was sponsored by a select group of EPS-IA members that have dedicated resources to promote this important EPS application. 

Geofoam Applications & Technical Data.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a product that provides smart solutions and durable, efficient results. Equally important, EPS is a sustainable product that is recyclable and environmentally sound. The lifecycle of EPS has been studied, documented and proven to leave a smaller footprint on our planet than comparable materials. It is a smart option for packaging, building, insulating and protecting, and a responsible choice for the environment. As we continue to make advances in environmental responsibility, EPS will continue to make a sustainable future possible sooner than we think.

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